55 Automotive Topics NOW Available

55 Automotive Topics NOW Available

 Basic Engine Fundamentals

1. Engine Fundamentals

2. 4-Stroke Petrol Engine, Combustion Cycle

3. 2-Strole Petrol Engine, Combustion Cycle

4. 4-Stroke Diesel Engine, Combustion Cycle

5. 2-Strolke Diesel Engine, Combustion Cycle

6. Engine Cooling System

7. Engine Lubrication System

8. Valve Trains

Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems

1. Conventional Distributor Ignition Systems

2. Electronic Ignition System

3. Starting Motor

4. Charging System - Alternator

5. Starting and Charging Circuit

6. Lighting Systems

7. Windshield Wiper System

8. Safety Restraining Systems

9. Battery System

Petrol Fuel Systems

1. Petrol Fuel Delivery System

2. Electric Petrol Fuel Pump

3. Mechanical Petrol Fuel Pump

4. Petrol Fuel Injector

Diesel Fuel Systems

1. Diesel Fuel Delivery System

2. Common Rail Direct Injector (CRDI)

Engine Management Systems

1. Engine Idle Control System

2. Engine Management System

3. Exhaust and Emission Control

Manual Transmissions

1. Cable Operated Clutch System

2. Manual Transmission

Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles

1. Automatic Transmission

2. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Wheel Drive Systems

1. Front Wheel Drive Systems (FWD)

2. Rear Wheel Drive Systems (RWD)

3. Four Wheel Drive Systems (4WD)

Propeller Shafts and Differential Gear

1. Drive Shafts

2. Differential Systems

Brakes Systems

1. Hydraulic Brake System

2. Power Assisted Hydraulic Brake System

3. Disc Brakes

4. Drum Brake System

5. ABS Anti-Lock Brake System

6. Pneumatic Air Brake System

Steering and Suspension Systems

1. Road Wheels and Tyres

2. Wheel Geometry (Alignment)

3. Hydraulic Power Steering Systems

4. MacPherson Strut (Rack and Pinion) Suspension System

Automotive Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

1. Air Conditioning and Heating System

Hybrid Vehicles

1. Hybrid Vehicle Fundamentals

2. Hybrid Engine

3. Hybrid Vehicle Transaxle

4. Hybrid Battery

5. Hybrid Power Control Unit (PCU)

6. Hybrid Electric Motor and Generator

7. Electronic Device and Control in Hybrid Vehicles

8. Air Conditioning in Hybrid Vehicles

9. Electronic Braking in Hybrid Vehicles