Labtech’s Virtual TVET interactive digital learning content are designed as self- learning topics that can be used by the teacher or student for self-learning (minimal teacher involvement). The content can now be used online in the Labtech Academy ( ).  The learning materials or topics are designed to cover from the introduction to electrical fundamentals, instruments and meters, electrical components, power supplies, etc.   It also goes onto developing the students’ knowledge and skills leading to more advanced or practical studies such as residential and commercial wiring systems, electrical machines and their controls, electrical protection systems, etc.

The virtual learning courses feature interactive animated 3D models of the technical item under study. This can be done in a realistic manner and featuring all the major system and subsystem components. The 3D models are realistic in detail, constructed layer by layer, and “assembled” in its animated format. All the 3D Models can be rotated to view from all sides.

There are over 1000 Knowledge Objects consisting of Background Theory, Component Identification & Descriptions, Assembly & Disassembly, Component Animations, Functional Animations, Assessments - Reference, Identification, and Location, designed to match the different learning styles based on visual and kinaesthetic principles. Electrical Fundamentals provides learners with a thorough understanding of the principles of Electrical components and the technologies behind those components. The content has been designed to meet international training standards (IEEE USA, Malaysian NOSS, and Philippines TESDA etc.) and covers all the requirements that students need to be able to meet those standards.

The learning modules contain numerous activities to allow users to practice their understanding of the principles of the learning modules. This is supported by numerous assessment activities in a number of formats. Designed to work on individually, in teams or as part of classroom exercises or presentations.

For Institutions, Labtech can set up a customized TVET Learning Management System (LMS), which runs on any PC/Laptop/Tablet. Our TVET LMS Institutional system is ideal for running our interactive new generation learning content either on campus or off campus.  This version of our system provides more interactions with the teachers and the school can monitor the class and students’ progress.

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