Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems

VTD-AUT-02-01 Series and Parallel Circuits
 1. Learning Objectives
 2. Series and Parallel Circuits Pre-Test
 3. Series and Parallel Circuits Study Materials
 4. Series and Parallel Circuits Post-Test
VTD-AUT-02-02 Conventional Distributor Ignition Systems
 1. Learning Objectives
 2. Conventional Distributor Ignition Systems Pre-Test
 3. Conventional Distributor Ignition Systems Study Materials
 4. Conventional Distributor Ignition Systems Post-Test
VTD-AUT-02-03 Electronic Ignition System
 1. Learning Objectives
 2. Electronic Ignition System Pre-Test
 3. Electronic Ignition System Study Materials
 4. Electronic Ignition System Post-Test
VTD-AUT-02-04 Charging System - Alternator
 1. Learning Objectives
 2. Charging System - Alternator Pre-Test
 3. Charging System - Alternator Study Materials
 4. Charging System - Alternator Post-Test
VTD-AUT-02-05 Starting Motor
 1. Learning Objectives
 2. Starting Motor Pre-Test
 3. Starting Motor Study Materials
 4. Starting Motor Post-Test
VTD-AUT-02-06 Starting and Charging Circuit
 1. Learning Objectives
 2. Starting & Charging Pre-Test
 3. Starting & Charging Systems Study Materials
 4. Starting & Charging Post-Test
VTD-AUT-02-07 Lighting Systems
 1. Learning Objectives
 2. Lighting Systems Pre-Test
 3. Lighting Systems Study Materials
 4. Lighting Systems Post-Test
VTD-AUT-02-08 Windshield Wiper System
 1. Learning Objectives
 2. Windshield Wiper System Pre-Test
 3. Windshield Wiper System Study Materials
 4. Windshield Wiper System Post-Test
VTD-AUT-02-09 Safety Restraining Systems
 1. Learning Objectives
 2. Safety Restraining Systems Pre-Test
 3. Safety Restraining Systems Study Materials
 4. Safety Restraining Systems Post-Test
VTD-AUT-02-10 Battery System
 1. Learning Objectives
 2. Battery System Pre-Test
 3. Automotive Battery System Study Materials
 4. Battery System Post-Test
VTD-AUT-02-11 CANBUS Systems
 1. Learning Objectives
 2. CANBUS Systems Pre-Test
 3. CANBUS Systems Study Materials
 4. CANBUS Systems Post-Test
Electrical and Electronic Systems Completion Certificate
 Electrical and Electronic Systems

Note: You need to achieve a result of 80% or higher to qualify for the certificate for this course.

 Electrical and Electronic Systems Completion Certificate

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